About Us

Vaccine Fridge

Vaccine Fridge is dedicated to the supply and service of laboratory, medical, pharmacy and research refrigeration. We can supply a range of models for purposes from general storage, to spark free storage or chemical storage chamber both in refrigeration and freezers. Some of our units can be modified to suit your needs including locks, temp monitoring, custom sizes and specific storage needs inside the chamber, manual and automatic defrosting. We can also supply freezer down to -164ºc with a full range of units to meet your needs. We supply all over Australia and the world so send us an email if you have an enquiry.


Our Mission

To provide great quality refrigeration needs as great price with excellent technical support and information. If you simply have a question about your fridge or freezer just send us an email and we will they to help you find a solution.


Our Vision

To be a leader in offering customers technical solutions to their cold storage needs.